2010, Falling in Oil, on canvas, 42 x 54

2010, Falling in Oil, on canvas, 42 x 54

These landscapes explore the deep sense of place that helps create and  sustain our human consciousness. How we use the idea of landscape to mediate the distance between what is human and what is not intrigues me.

Although the term “landscape” in art refers to representation of nature, there is little nature on our planet that has not been altered by human intervention, both benign and destructive.   Even in the remaining uninhabited areas of our planet, the very fact that it is we who view it changes nature into landscape.

In my darker landscapes, I have investigated battlefields, tornadoes, volcanoes, and the devastation of forest lands by clearcutting.  These paintings are offset by works exploring the buzz and intensity of flora, of agricultural lands, waterways and non-majestic byways.

I work in oil on canvas and gouache (opaque watercolor) and pastels on paper. All of my work is done in my studio with reference to plant specimens brought inside, my own photographs, images from the internet, books and magazines.

I move the canvas around and paint from different angles to evoke falling into a scene rather than looking at it from the outside.

Sometimes I make sculpture from found objects, wallpaper, wire.  My sculpture is mostly small, whimsical and usually made in series.  No doubt I would make grander sculpture were I not hampered by a complete lack of woodshop and metal smithing skills.

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