The Artist

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Laurie Sverdlove at work

Photo by: Dian Parker

I was fortunate to grow up in New York City with a world of great art easily accessible.  As a teenager I studied at the Art Students League and spent my free time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Frick Museum.  Summers offered a different and equally compelling world.  For ten weeks every summer my family lived in a small Adirondack cabin.  There were few organized activities and from a very early age I was free to roam woods and rural lanes collecting plant specimens and learning their names.

This duality of city and country has continued to enrich my life.  I lived for many years in the Bay Area where I earned my MFA at UC Berkeley and spent a decade  working at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.  For three years I lived in the rural outskirts of Pune, India absorbing a new landscape and studying Indian miniature paintings.

2012 AVA Gallery Installation

In 2008 I moved to the small town of Randolph, Vermont.  I now devote  my time entirely to painting and am surrounded by great natural beauty.  I would have expected to be painting birch trees and rolling meadows, but life is quirky and I am painting the conflict between plant life and the often beautiful wasteland of industrial production and man made disasters.

Making sculpture

I’ve been experimenting with small, mostly wood assemblage sculptures for a while – found materials used as is. Lately, I can’t resist painting them. Click to see some examples.